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Trilogy Review : Divergent

Divergent & Insurgent
Title : Divergent
Author : Veronica Roth                                                                                          
Published : February 28th, 2012                                                                        
Pages : 487
ISBN : 9780062024022

Title : Insurgent
Author : Veronica Roth
Published : May 1st, 2012
Pages : 525                                                                                      
ISBN : 9780007442911

  With the highly anticipated third and final novel, Allegiant, coming out in October, I knew I had to read and review these two books. Also a movie is in the works for 2014. I'm definitely picking up that last book the day it comes out, and reading ASAP! In 5 months, watch out for that review! ;)

                                                  Rating : ★ 5 stars

Divergent by Veronica Roth was incredible. I think this book really sets the bar for any Dystopian novel out there. Roth takes you into an incredibly unique world that is very fun to read. I was so excited to read this book, and it totally fulfilled my expectations. I was so looking forward to continuing on to Insurgent, reads like these only come around once in a great while!Divergent takes place in Chicago where their society is divided into 5 factions. There are Abnegation (Selfless), Dauntless (Brave), Amity (Peaceful), Erudite (Intelligent, and Candor (Honest). Each faction promotes their ideals to the members who inhabit them. Beatrice Prior is of Abnegation, but she doesn't quite fit in there with her family. She doesn't feel as selfless as the others, and thinks she belongs somewhere else. Every year, a day is set aside for all the 16 year olds to choose which faction they wish to belong to for the rest of their lives. They get help from their aptitude results which are administered in school. Beatrice gets some shocking results and has to choose to remain with her family in a place she does not belong, or make a selfish decision of becoming something that is more true to her. Read Divergent to find out Beatrice's decision, her scary secret that she must tell no one, and where these factors take her in this chaotic world.

I instantly fell in love with this book. As soon as the world came together, I knew I would enjoy every page. It was a really interesting place to read about and viewing it through Beatrice's eyes. I wish there were more backstory to how this world came to be, but I think the second one will go a bit more in depth. The main part of the story is where Beatrice ends up, and her initiation into her faction. It was thrilling to read, because the initiation was very extreme. It pushed Beatrice to her limits and there were some bad apples among the initiates that got in her way. Through initiation she meets Four, who is just perfect for her. I think their romance was so cute, especially how protective of her he was! As I'm reading the novel I'm currently on, I'm still itching to move on to Insurgent. I can't help myself! I wish I could wait a bit longer, so the gap between Insurgent and the 3rd book wont be as long, but screw it! Veronica Roth has made me a fan and I am eager to read more of her work now. Cheers to an excellent series and read!

Rating : ★ 5 stars

Boy, oh boy. Veronica Roth sure knows how to whip up a sequel! You know, most books in series will never compare to that first golden book. However, Insurgent proved that theory wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to find this book just as amazing as Divergent. It was filled with the same action, thrill, adventure, and creativeness that made me want to continue this series. From the beginning I was hooked. I loved how there was so much more world building, and a glimpse into more of Amity and Candor. We got to see more of the world that Roth created, and I was very intrigued. We also meet the factions leaders, and are introduced to this political struggle and all the faction's standpoints. Insurgent was just beautifully created and did it's predecessor justice.

(Do not read below if you haven't read Divergent yet)

After the events of Divergent, Beatrice and Tobias are left to scramble together to regain strength and control of their lives. Along with them are Caleb, Susan, and Marcus. They travel to Amity in hope of shelter and safety. Unfortunately, they don't see eye to eye and eventually leave after a surprise attack from the Dauntless traitors/Erudite. They then travel to Candor in hopes of allying with them, and even attempt to ally with the factionless. This book continues the struggle of the Dauntless and the Divergent (some shocking new admissions) vs the Erudite. It's full of action and twists, as new and exciting secrets are revealed. Who will come out on top?

If you haven't started Divergent yet, now is the time. Especially with the beautiful Allegiant cover just revealed, this series is a must. In Insurgent, there are some shocking twists. I won't spoil, but there is a traitor among them who really shocked me! Also, the conclusion changes the whole series. I am so wondering what's going to happen in the final installment with this new information present. I reccommend this book to those interested in an amazing, Dystopian, Young adult series. Start Divergent if you haven't and then jump to Insurgent as soon as you can. You will not regret picking these up

If these reviews sparked your interest, you know what to do! I'll provide some amazon links to where you can purchase. Until then!

Divergent :

Insurgent :


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